Stars on Earth believes that all children have the right to an equal education. We are a group of students who aspire to make this possible by bridging the gap between school and career. Learning coding techniques also helps children to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are not only important in computer science but are also applicable to many other fields.


About Stars On Earth

We create free educational videos for students to learn. Students can then use the material to work on various projects. This not only teaches them about computer science but also allows them to experience the field first hand.



We currently offer 3 workshops to teach students how to code. Each workshop consists of 7-10 days and includes instruction, final project, and certificates.


a visual programming language to help students understand concepts


standard markup language for creating webpages  


a high-level programming language which is easy to understand and learn

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We would love to hear from you to discuss ways you want to help our work in Stars On Earth. Please reach out to to discuss ways to donate/contribute or fill out this form to volunteer.

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