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Expanding To El Salvador!

This week we have decided to expand our educational reach: not only do we plan to provide services to students in India but also in El Salvador. We are truly excited for this new opportunity and are looking forward to our progress. Currently, the president, Devanshi Padsala, has created a weekly syllabus and an outline for video tutorials that are soon to be released. These tutorials and coordinating packets will hopefully be able to provide these students with knowledge in how to operate the animation software, Scratch. Still, in both of these locations we are seeking volunteers to overlook these students during the workshops. Volunteers are vital to our mission because without them we will not be able to reach students directly and initiate the learning process. Also, we are configuring a solution for the lack of Wifi in most of these schools. Perhaps aid from nearby institutions may be necessary in order to access the tutorials. However, as a team, we are currently working on a solution to these challenges and are hopeful in finding these resources for the students!

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