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Learn Python and Win Opportunities for Free!

Google, NASA, Dropbox, Mozilla Firefox, IBM, Walt Disney, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Raspberry Pi - these are the top companies for aspiring coders, data scientists, software engineers, web developers, and many more! Surprisingly, all of these companies use the same language - PYTHON!

Python can be considered a universal language and has a strong base in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It also comprises a large number of libraries and packages that programmers can use, without having to build code from scratch!

Learn Python at our next workshop. Don’t worry about the current pandemic - it’s on YouTube LIVE! You will have the chance to ask questions during the sessions and use your expertise at a hackathon concluding the workshop! The winners of the hackathon will receive mentorship opportunities, college advice, resume building tips, LinkedIn Connections, and more! Register at

Learn more about Python below:

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