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Logistics and Statistics

This week was a slower week compared to the previous ones. Since most of the schools in India are starting to wrap up, we can only establish our workshop during mid-summer. We have managed to recruit a few more volunteers which is great. Our translators are also hard at work and almost done translating some of the videos into Spanish, Hindi, Nepali and English.

Apparently, computer science is a huge deal in India but it’s very hard to gain accessibility to it. According to an online survey conducted by the department of higher education (AICTE), there were around 81.3 thousand male students graduates from computer science engineering discipline, while there were around 79.2 thousand female computer science engineering students who graduated during the April 2015 to March 2016 fiscal year. This shows the growth in the field of computer science and it’s impact in India. We hope to contribute to that growth starting from a young age rather than waiting until you’re in college in order to make that decision. We truly hope to cause a change in India.


“India - Number of Students Graduated in Computer Science Engineering Stream by Gender 2016 | Statistic.” Statista.

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